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Location: Athens, GR
Type: Internship

About Hopeart

Hopeart stands as a beacon of inspiration, fostering creativity and nurturing hope through the powerful medium of art. We are a non-profit organization devoted to making a tangible difference in the world by channeling the transformative power of art to ignite positive change.

Job Description

We are seeking a dynamic and highly motivated individual to join our team as a Digital Operations Assistant. This role is central to our organization’s digital transformation, helping to streamline operations and enhance our online presence. As the linchpin of our digital efforts, you will be instrumental in driving initiatives that further our mission and expand our reach.


  • Proficient Computer Skills: The candidate should have an excellent understanding of computer systems and should be comfortable with both hardware and software aspects.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Applications: Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office suite tools is essential.
  • Social Media Management: Candidates should have experience in handling social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and should be familiar with the best practices of posting, engagement, and analytics.
  • Content Editing: Ability to edit and adapt content for various digital platforms, ensuring that the messaging is consistent and aligned with our organization’s objectives.


  • Administrative and Office Tasks Support: Assisting with daily administrative duties, such as scheduling meetings, managing files, handling correspondence, and ensuring the smooth operation of office tasks.
  • Management and Development of the Organization’s Social Media: Taking charge of the organization’s social media profiles, ensuring regular posting, engaging with followers, and strategizing for growth and better engagement.
  • Content Editing for Social Media Use: Curating, editing, and adapting content specifically tailored for social media platforms to ensure maximum reach and impact.


  • Training in the “Art of Connection” Methodology: Receive in-depth training on our unique approach, which fosters deeper connections and engagement.
  • Interaction with Vulnerable Population Groups: This role offers a chance to engage and work closely with various vulnerable groups, providing an opportunity for personal growth and understanding of diverse communities.
  • Participation in Actions: Be actively involved in organizational events, campaigns, and initiatives, playing a key role in their planning and execution.
  • Opportunity to Propose New Actions: We value innovative thinking and encourage our team members to come up with new ideas and initiatives that align with our mission and expand our reach.

Join Our Journey!

At Hopeart, we believe that every individual has a unique artistic story to share. If you’re eager to channel your talent into making a genuine difference and lighting up someone’s world, then we want to hear your story.
Warmly send your CV to and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.
We can’t wait to welcome you to our Hopeart family!

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