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Hopeart and the methodology based in the “Art of Connection” is an approach which drives people from different nations, genders, perceptions, counties in a common space in a “connection experience”.
People from different ages and with different skills connect and learn how to co create and co-exist.

We achieve that by combining three different fields:

  • Using different arts as vehicles to communicate and connect
  • Combining basic principles of psychology
  • Spirituality in terms of sharing self-development tools through unique “experiential” activities.

Hope is the main result of this process. Hope, this extremely important quality for the human mental balance. This “current” which is responsible for the continuation of human life.

Αfter all as Kurt Vonnegut said:

“The arts aren’t a way of making a living, they’re a very human way to make our lives more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how good or bad it is, is a way to grow your soul.”

Illustration: Kurt Vonnegut self-portrait
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