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Based on the “Art of Connection” as methodology, we are training professionals in self development and connection programs using the tools of Art, Positive Psychology, Non Verbal Communication, Self awareness techniques and Mindfulness.

Through experimental workshops people reconnect with inner qualities and social skills such is empathy ,expression,communication,generosity ,compassion and and their ability to step in their vulnerable space and connect with their clients,beneficiaries and students in a more meaningful and effective way.
Learning to create “connection experiences”people chance their daily working routine and create the space for mental balance and feelings of joy and fulfilment.
Yearlong experience in environments such as healthcare units,hospitals,elderly homes cave us the opportunity to work with care givers,phycologists,artists,social workers,doctors but also with several insurance agencies in terms of self development and human connections trainings cause connections goes far beyond simple communication techniques.
Needs presence
..or to be the “present” for the people you serve.

We offer from WHAT WE ARE as human beings not from WHAT WE HAVE in terms of knowledge…

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