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The art of connection
An active way of being and relating

Hopeart is a non-profit organization aiming to promote Art and Culture in a socially inclusive way through artistic and educational programmes and projects.

We design and implement psychosocial programs for vulnerable groups using the tools of Art. Our main projects have been carried out in environments such as: children’s hospitals, oncology units, child psychiatric clinics, elderly homes, child protection facilities, centres for children with special needs (autism, down syndrome, mental paralysis) etc. Our goal has been to support these people concerning their mental empowerment, to co-create a fair play of being in terms of inclusion and to help them remember the strength of Hope within them.

We collaborate with foundations, universities, educational centres, public services, government authorities, local communities, camps, schools etc. sharing our expertise through trainings and seminars to educate cultural organizations and artists to enable them to deliver actions to support people in need, using the tools of Art.

Some indicative actions in which we get involved are:

Music kinetics, Artistic programs, Exhibitions, Theatrical activities, Workshops, Seminars, Concerts, Webinars, Conferences, Marathons, Publications, Festivals, Events etc.

The organization endeavors, among other things, to:

  • transmit the benefits of a ‘’connection experience’’ to the personnel and volunteers of educational and humanitarian organizations, social welfare facilities and the general public (social awareness)
  • promote and implement connection experiences via interface programs of different cultures and civilizations.


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