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At Hopeart we tap into the healing power of art to transform the lives of children and older people. It’s all about using creativity as a therapeutic tool.

For the young people, art becomes a fun way to work through difficult emotions. It’s as if their feelings are given a voice, even when words are hard to find.

For the elders, art is a way to reconnect with their spark. We reignite old passions and stir up memories. These art sessions become lively social gatherings where stories are shared and laughter is heard. More than anything, it’s about giving them a sense of achievement and belonging, so that the ‘invisible current that keeps us connected’ becomes more visible and the qualities of hope rejuvenate all participants.

In both cases, whether it’s children facing health, social or economic challenges, adults with special needs or the elderly in their golden years, Hopeart’s art therapy is about building confidence, encouraging self-expression, promoting self-development, restoring mental balance and creating moments of pure sharing and happiness. It’s amazing how a touch of imagination and genuine interest can do so much to balance the human soul.

In our approach, art in various forms (theatre/dance/music/painting) is a vehicle to experience self-care and self-development as a step towards coexistence.

A bridge from the I state to the WE state; from being alone to being together; from separation to connection.

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