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Location: Athens, GR
Type: Internship

Job Description

We are on the hunt for three talented and passionate individuals to join our team as Performance Interns. In this role, you will bring joy, solace, and inspiration to healthcare settings through artistic performances. If you have a flair for acting and singing, and perhaps even play a musical instrument, you could be the force of positivity we’re looking for.


  • Performance Skills: Applicants should possess strong acting and singing abilities to effectively contribute to our artistic initiatives.
  • Musical Instrument Knowledge: It’s desirable for candidates to have proficiency in playing a musical instrument, such as guitar, accordion, melodica, recorder, or other idiosyncratic instruments. This adds versatility and depth to our performances.
  • Fieldwork Experience: While not mandatory, any prior experience in on-the-ground initiatives, especially in artistic and performance-oriented settings, will be highly regarded.


  • Participation in Artistic Performances: Engage in motivational artistic actions/performances in healthcare settings. This includes participating in events at hospitals, mental health facilities, special education institutions, and child protection agencies, offering therapeutic and uplifting performances to those in need.


  • Training in Hopeart Methodology and the Art of Connection: As part of our commitment to professional growth, you will receive training in the distinctive Hopeart methodology as well as in the “Art of Connection,” our approach to fostering deep, meaningful engagements through art.
  • Collaboration with our Network: Work closely with our expansive network to organize performances produced by Hopeart. This offers a chance to experience the behind-the-scenes aspects of artistic production and gain valuable insights.
  • Opportunity for Initiative: We value proactive thinking and encourage our interns to propose and implement motivational and uplifting actions. This is a chance to bring your unique artistic vision to life, furthering the mission of Hopeart.

Join Our Journey!

At Hopeart, we believe that every individual has a unique artistic story to share. If you’re eager to channel your talent into making a genuine difference and lighting up someone’s world, then we want to hear your story.
Warmly send your CV to and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.
We can’t wait to welcome you to our Hopeart family!

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