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No One Forgotten

“No-One Forgotten” is a groundbreaking initiative funded by the European Union’s “Creative Europe” program. This innovative endeavor brings together four countries: Greece (represented by “Hopeart” and “Action Synergy”), Italy (ACCADEMIA DI BELLE ARTI DI NAPOLI), Portugal (ASSOCIACAO VO’ARTE), and Belgium (LOCATIVE MEDIA SUPERCLUSTER). Through this project, we use the dynamics that exist with disabilities and propose an inclusive way of performing (theatre/music/painting and dance) based on the method “The Art of Connection”—Interaction with vulnerable groups through Art.

The Art of Connection – Interacting with Vulnerable Groups methodology forms the basis of our specialist interactive programmes.

It provides the tools for people in special healthcare enviroments to stay connected in an effective and inclusive way. It also develops new social and life skills, inner qualities such as acceptance, patience, compassion, access to our vulnerability and the ability to co-create. The programme is aimed at artists (professional or amateur) who want to improve their skills and be able to co-create groups with inclusive interests. The aim is to learn how to be present, how people with and without disabilities can live together, create together and enjoy the gift of life through art and culture. It will focus on different forms of art, including theatre, music, painting and dance.

“No One Forgotten” micro-site
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