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Marianna Vardinogiannis, a titan amongst us, turned the tide for children living in cancer’s shadow. Over 1.100 lives bear her healing touch, a testament to her relentless kindness.

I reflect on the day she acknowledged our humble efforts. That award was a torch passed, a silent plea to champion her cause. Her life whispered a powerful message of humility and selflessness.

As we remember her today, let’s pick up where she left off. Her generous soul taught us that one person can change many lives.

Her absence leaves a noticeable void, yet the road she paved gleams with the hope she kindled. Her enduring journey nudges us towards unfaltering compassion. She is no longer here, but her mission thrives, her memory igniting a flame within us all. We promise to carry on, honoring her through actions that speak louder than words.

Angeliki Voulgari



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